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The Benefits Of Marrying Chinese Brides!

There is a strong tendency these days for many males to marry Chinese brides, however, many men are unsure of Chinese women and their true character, and what their marriage to a Chinese woman will be like. This is understandable bearing in mind the culture difference vietnam mail order bride and a lack of understanding of the Chinese culture. Many men wonder if it’ll be a risk that may be financially and emotionally detrimental.

With this is mind, I decided to write this article based on my experience of being married to a Chinese woman and having lived in China for over eight years and having dated a broad cross-section of Chinese females. Firstly I should say that the culture difference does lend itself to some misunderstandings that can cause quite a few problems and disagreements in the marriage when the wrong type of Chinese bride is chosen. This means that in the first place you should understand the differences thoroughly before making a commitment.

But, assuming you’ve chosen one of the many good ones (and there are some great ones!) let’s look at potential benefits of being married to a Chinese bride:

1. Loyal and family orientated: I’m sure you’ve heard this one before if you’ve ever read anything related to Chinese women but maybe you are not aware of some of the details. Chinese women regard their husband as the most important part of the marriage. This means if you get sick a Chinese wife will quite literally drop everything in order to look after you; and I don’t just mean buying you a few pills, I mean staying by your bedside, cooking your favorite food and really making a big fuss over you in a hot chinese woman way that perhaps only your mother ever did! It’s a great feeling, let me tell you.

2. Hard working: If you choose the right Chinese bride, she will pitch in whenever it is for the overall benefit of the family. Myself, I’m not really the kind of guy who expects a woman to clean or cook for me, as I was brought up by a very independent woman, but I noticed in my own marriage that my wife was always doing these things, even when I asked her not to! It was simply a culturally conditioned behavioral pattern that after a while I just left alone, as trying to explain points of feminism (don’t ask me why I tried) seemed to always end up in her annoyance!

3. Physically very attractive throughout life: I’ve noticed quite a difference between western women I’d dated before and Chinese women where physical appearance is concerned. Lets face it, all men want to feel attracted to their wife throughout their whole marriage, and not just before; but I have noticed a distinct tendency where western women are concerned to rather let themselves go a few years after marriage. This is a very rare occurrence where Chinese brides are concerned, the reason is based on the whole concept of ‘face’ in Chinese culture. Having a shabby or unattractive appearance for a woman is considered somewhat shameful to them, so most maintain a great figure and dress sense.

In view of the above point, it’s actually not unrealistic to expect her to look like a million dollars throughout your marriage! When you choose the right Chinese bride the benefits will become obvious straight away, and other surprising ones will become apparent over time…

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